Prices And Procedures

Commission Prices

Head and Shoulders 8,000 6,000
Three-quarter Figure (with hands) 11,500 8,500
Full Length 15,500 11,500

Portraits are painted in oil on canvas

Subjects are painted near life size or smaller to suit client’s requirements.
Complicated backgrounds or the inclusion of pets or other animals may be extra. Please call for a specific quote.

Prices are based on pose length – not canvas size
Extra subjects: add 80% of first person fee each
Small pet prices are based on one-half the regular amount for a child
Equestrian prices are based on full adult fees
Artist travel expenses, framing and shipping are not included in the commission fees above
Terms: one-third deposit at time of commission, balance due upon acceptance of the portrait
Prices in U.S. Dollars

Portrait Procedure:

Portraits begin with a discussion about the overall ideas the client has. Once a general concept is reached about the size, pose length, subject(s) and location, a sitting is scheduled. Tom will take numerous photo references of the subject(s) in various poses and return to his studio where thumbnail sketches will be developed for the client’s consideration. After a composition is agreed upon, a second sitting may be scheduled to capture detailed references of the chosen pose. Tom will then paint the portrait alone in his studio using the reference images and memory as his guide. Near completion, a final sitting will be scheduled with the subject. At that time, the portrait will be unveiled and final touchups – if necessary – will be made. After the final brush strokes are applied and approval has been given, the portrait will be signed and the subject presented with the signing brush as a memento of a very special occasion.


The base fee for commissioned landscape or seascape subjects is ten dollars per square inch canvas size. Prices may vary depending upon the complexity of items to be included in the painting. Boats, airplanes or other complicated structures may add to the price. Please contact Tom or the gallery that has introduced his work to you to discuss your ideas so that a specific quote can be made. Terms: fifty percent deposit at the time the painting is commissioned with the balance due upon delivery. Framing, and artist’s travel – when necessary – are extra.


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